Trident Defense Hades


In Greek mythology the god Hades is the brother of Poseidon. Our firearm represents that relationship in every way. The Hades was designed to operate at the highest levels of performance for competition (like our Poseidon) with uncompromising durability for the real world. The Trident Defense Hades has many of the performance features of the Poseidon model like the RMR/Optics cut on the slide, a match grade barrel, extensive re-contouring and stippling to the grip frame. The Trident Defense Hades has the ability to seamlessly transition from real world applications to any type of shooting competition and back again. After you pick up our Hades stippled frame and fire this remarkable firearm, you will wish you that you made the choice to shoot a trident sooner. Trident is setting a new standard of excellence.

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We are currently in the process of moving to a larger, state-of-art facility to better serve our customers. During this time, we will NOT process any new orders.